Last week, the Wells Group held its 17th Annual Real Estate Forecast at the Fort Lewis College community Concert Hall with approximately 300 people in attendance. This is a very in depth review of real estate in our entire County and goes over our predictions from last year and how we did as well as some predictions for this calendar year. Attendees included buyers & sellers, real estate developers and builders, bankers, insurance brokers and many people from the area who are simply interested in real estate and how that affects our local economy. As usual, Bob Allen from Allen Associates, prepared his PowerPoint presentation with all of the numbers, figures, charts and graphs that our company uses in making our predictions/forecasts.
One item of particular note that really stuck out, is the fact that our population is growing at a faster rate than the builders are able to create new homes. That deficiency has gone on for about seven years and is one of the reasons why our prices have been going up.
To see a video (about 1.5 hours in length) or to see the PowerPoint presentation, please click on the following link:
17th Annual Wells Group Real Estate Forecast


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