Jan-Sept Comparative Durango Real Estate Sales 2015-2016
Those of you that follow my electronic newsletter and blog, know that every three months I do a very thorough analysis of the residential sales statistics throughout La Plata County. These are not just Wells Group sales, but rather they are sales generated by our entire Board of Realtors.This analysis is broken down by $200,000 price increments and in each of those increments I look at number of units sold, number of units currently available, absorption rate, average and median days on the market, sales price to list price percentage and where those sales occurred (Durango in the city limits, and Durango rural, Bayfield inside the city limits, Bayfield rural and the resort area from approximately Tamarron and North). I show all those figures for the first nine months of 2016 as well as the first nine months of 2015 so that a comparison can be made and a potential trend discerned. At the very bottom of our analysis we make those comparisons and show the differences in many key categories not only in numbers but in percentage differences from year-to-year.

In the link below I’m actually taking you to my complete electronic newsletter which not only reviews the sales statistics, but covers some additional items as well such as a couple of new listings and information on the connection for the Durango Water Authority to Lake Nighthorse.
To view that analysis, please click on the following link:
Durango Real Estate Sales 2015-2016

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